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Diver and supervisor qualification requirements for working in Dutch waters and update

In April, IMCA issued information note IMCA D 04/14 regarding changes to the diving legislation in the Netherlands. The legislation now requires all divers working in Dutch waters, including nationals, to be in possession of an appropriate Dutch Diving Qualification for the type of diving activity they are undertaking. It was noted at the time IMCA would continue to monitor the situation.

In an effort to clarify the situation the Netherlands Diving Centre (NDC), who is acting as the certifying authority, has recently issued two documents (attached) in order to assist applicants understand the process.  These cover the following:

  • General information and costs;
  • Criteria for assessment.

In order to apply for a diving certificate to operate in Dutch waters, the company or diver will need to request an application form by email at [email protected].

The processing time for applications takes a maximum of eight weeks, although this may vary due to the number of applications being processed.   Companies that are applying for certificates need to take the assessment period into account prior to the mobilisation of projects, or staff to work in Dutch territorial waters.

Any new applicants who have not applied in the past for a Dutch Diving Certificate will be required to submit a “certificate of good conduct”.  The statement of good conduct (in England a criminal records check) must be issued by your own (local) authority. Further details on the requirements can be found though the following link:   For planning purposes, the time it takes to obtain this certificate will be in addition to the processing time for the diving certificate.

Applicants who do not hold a diver training certificate issued within the European Community, by the Diver Certification Board of Canada (DCBC), Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme (ADAS) or Professional Diving Centre (PDC) in South Africa (providing the diver holds an ADAS certificate) will require additional evidence.  If you have any concerns about eligibility or have any further questions about the application requirements, contact NDC directly before applying to ensure that you are able to provide all the necessary evidence required in support of the application.

Whilst it is clear that the system has been refined since its inception it still can be a complex process.   Further details on the system are available on the NDC website.  IMCA suggests however, that if you have any questions about to the process, you contact NDC directly to ensure the submission is complete and to avoid any unnecessary delays in the qualification process.

NDC can be contacted at:
NDC, Netherlands Diving Centre
Buitenhofdreef 280
2625 RE Delft
The Netherlands
Telephone: + 31 (0) 15 25 12 025
Email: [email protected]

Further guidance on current Dutch diving legislation can be found on the following websites:

IMCA Contact

Peter Sieniewicz
Technical Adviser - Diving

Information Note Details

Published date: 25 September 2014
Information note ID: 1238

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