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Enclosed space entry: New IMO requirements for training and drills

New International Maritime Organization (IMO) requirements for enclosed space entry training and drills will enter into force on 1 January 2015. The new requirements amend SOLAS Chapter III, Regulation 19 (Emergency training and drills). The changes are being introduced to try to tackle confined space incidents, many of which are exacerbated by failures to follow entry procedures in the case of an emergency rescue. The requirements introduce drills for entry and rescue procedures, as well as general instruction for all crew in the dangers of enclosed space entry.

New Drills Requirements

From 1 January 2015, crew members with enclosed space entry or rescue responsibilities will be required to participate in an appropriate drill to be held on board the ship at least once every two months. Each enclosed space entry and rescue drill must include:
  • Checking and use of:
    • personal protective equipment required for entry
    • communication equipment and procedures
    • instruments for measuring the atmosphere in enclosed spaces
    • rescue equipment and procedures; and
  • Instructions in first aid and resuscitation techniques.
Details must be recorded in the official logbook.

Instruction for all Crew

In addition, all crew members must be instructed on the risks associated with, and procedures for safe entry into, enclosed spaces.

IMO Guidance

The drills and instruction should take into account the IMO guidance on enclosed space entry – Revised Recommendations for entering enclosed spaces aboard ships (Resolution A.1050(27)) – see IMO Revised Recommendations for Entering Enclosed Spaces Aboard Ships.

Follow Up Actions

Members should ensure their company procedures reflect the new IMO requirements. The changes to the IMO requirements were introduced by Resolution MSC.350(92), which also included changes for passenger ship drills (the enclosed space entry requirements are in paragraphs 2, 4, 5 and 6 on pages 2 and 3). However, for ease, the secretariat has also put together a marked up, consolidated text of the revised Regulation 19, as it will stand from 1 January 2015.  Members’ attention is also drawn to the new IMCA video Working in confined spaces (IMCA SEL 034).

Originally issued with the following reference(s): IMCA C 06/14, IMCA M 10/14, IMCA SEL 10/14

Information Note Details

Published date: 21 August 2014
Information note ID:1235

Information Note Details

Published date: 21 August 2014
Information note ID: 1235

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