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IMCA announces successful launch of diving supervisor CPD scheme and app

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) is pleased to announce the successful launch of a continuing professional development (CPD) scheme and App for diving supervisors. The aim of the CPD scheme is to keep supervisors up to date with the latest information and recent changes in guidance from IMCA. Registration is free for 2020.

The CPD scheme went live in early April, with more than 250 diving supervisors having pre-registered for enrolment. By the end of the month, the number of registrants had risen to more than 450 supervisors.

Four units will be issued for study this year. During 2020 the scheme is voluntary. However, from 2021 it will become mandatory for IMCA air and bell diving supervisors to complete all relevant units within the CPD app each year in order to maintain their diving supervisor certification in ‘current status’. We strongly encourage supervisors to register and start using the system while it is still in its voluntary phase. IMCA would like as many users as possible to be familiar and comfortable with the system before it becomes mandatary in 2021.

The system is accessible via an App which is compatible with all devices and operating systems and can be used on or offline, thus allowing users the flexibility of choosing when and where to complete the relevant units.

Supervisors can register now by completing the form on the IMCA website at:

In an effort to make all diving supervisory personnel aware of the scheme, IMCA requests that its Diving Division Members circulate this Information Note to all the IMCA diving supervisors they have on record and also arrange to have it posted on any relevant Personnel Notice Boards both offshore and onshore.

More information on the IMCA Diving Supervisor CPD scheme is available in Information Notes IMCA D 07/19 and IMCA D 04/20.

Originally issued with the following reference(s): IMCA D 17/20

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Bryan McGlinchy
Diving Consultant

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Published date: 1 May 2020
Information note ID: 1505

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