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IMCA Membership Renewal 2023

IMCA is pleased to advise that the Board has maintained the membership fees at the same level as the last 3 years. You can review the membership fees on our website here.

In preparation for the issuance of the renewal invoices, there are a number of things that we need to confirm.

  1. Please can you confirm if we have the right point of contacts listed to receive the invoices? The invoice is issued to the Global Co-ordinator for the membership and any accounts contact that has been highlighted to us in the past. Please confirm who your points of contact for the renewal purposes are to our Membership Services Team.
  2. If you require a PO number to be listed on your invoice, please confirm any details with us by 31 October 2022. However, please note that these can be added after the invoice has been issued.
  3. If your company requires the invoice to be uploaded to a portal, please let us know so that we can ensure that this is done in a timely manner.

We very much look forward to your continued membership and engagement with IMCA on important industry matters. Our mission is to improve performance in the marine contracting industry, and we are successfully achieving this on many different levels. We are fully committed to supporting our Members and ensuring that IMCA remains the leading voice of the marine contracting industry.

If you have any questions concerning the division(s), region(s) or categories for your membership, please get in touch with our membership services team.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

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IMCA Membership Services


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Published date: 5 October 2022
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