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Nippon gases safety flash

IMCA has been made aware of two recent incidents where a supply of heliox gas was found to contain a quantity of argon rather than helium.  No injuries have been reported.

Members are advised to act immediately on the advice from Nippon Gases Offshore Limited regarding heliox diving gas bundles received from its Aberdeen depot. No incidents have been reported at any other locations.

“Nippon Gases Offshore have identified unexpected Argon in one (1) batch used to prepare two (2) Heliox diving gas bundles produced and supplied from Nippon Gases Offshore in Aberdeen. This isolated issue is being investigated and as a precautionary measure Nippon Gases Offshore Aberdeen request customers to contact their supplier to arrange re-call for re-testing.

Nippon Gases Offshore Limited request all supplied diving gases are NOT used and are returned where they will be re-tested to ensure diver safety and full compliance.

Re-testing of gases can be arranged by Nippon Gases Offshore on a priority basis in-house or through use of independent testing centres.”

Nippon are concurrently proactively contacting customers and have liaised with industry bodies in relation to this issue.Full details of the Nippon Gases Offshore Limited Safety Flash can be found at

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