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Pre-registering for IMCA’s Diving Supervisor Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

IMCA launched a pilot Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme for Diving Supervisors in September 2019. This followed initial announcements in November 2018 regarding the introduction of the programme. These announcements outlined the development of an App based scheme incorporating the very latest in training techniques to support Diving Supervisors in keeping up to date with the latest information and guidelines from IMCA.

Trials of the App were completed by a representative cross-section of Diving Supervisors from leading contractors in the industry who were invited to participate in the consultation and testing process to ensure the system is user-friendly, appropriate, and effective.

The feedback received from the trials and assessment processes was very positive and we are preparing to launch the scheme at the end of March 2020.

Voluntary in 2020 – Mandatory in 2021

This scheme will be voluntary during 2020 and from Q1 2021 will be a mandatory requirement to maintain IMCA Certification.

Launch Date

31 March 2020

Pre-register now

To prepare for the launch of the scheme you can now pre-register to allow the Certification Team to verify your registration and prepare your User Account in advance of the launch date on 31 March 2020.

You can pre-register now by completing the form on our website under IMCA Certification – click here.

Information on the scheme was published in Information Note Introduction of IMCA diving supervisor continuing professional development (CPD)

Originally issued with the following reference(s): IMCA D 04/20

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