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Withdrawal of UK Legislation Module Examination

With effect from the date of publication of this Information Note IMCA will no longer be offering the UK Legislation module examination as part of the IMCA diving supervisor and LST certification schemes. As of 27 February 2023, IMCA will cease to take all new bookings for the UK legislation module examination. Those who have already booked to sit their legislation examinations will be allowed to take their scheduled examinations and any re-sits where applicable. All UK legislation endorsements placed on diving supervisor and LST certificates issued by IMCA (past or future) will remain valid.


The UK and Norwegian legislation modules and examinations were introduced by IMCA’s predecessor organisation the Association of Diving Contractors (AODC). In those days AODC was mainly concerned with North Sea diving operations. It therefore sought to increase diving supervisors’ knowledge and awareness of relevant diving legislation in the North Sea basin. Vessels also began to cross the border between the British and Norwegian sectors quite regularly, and so the British and Norwegian legislation examinations were introduced.

In 2020 IMCA was advised that the Norwegian authorities would no longer require IMCA diving supervisory candidates intending to operate in Norwegian waters to sit and pass a separate Norwegian legislation module examination as part of the IMCA diving supervisor and LST certification schemes. In view of this, IMCA Information Note No. 1474Withdrawal of the IMCA Norwegian Legislation Module Examination was published to announce that, with immediate effect, IMCA would no longer offer the Norwegian legislation module examination and associated endorsement to diving supervisor and LST candidates.

IMCA is of course a truly international trade association and does not currently require diving supervisors or LSTs operating in any other parts of the world to take country-specific legislation modules and exams. In such circumstances, it would be incongruous to continue with a British legislation module examination only.

Following consultation with the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) it has been confirmed that HSE has no objection to IMCA removing the UK Legislation module examination from its diving supervisor and LST examination schemes. However, HSE does emphasise that diving contractors working in waters under its jurisdiction should have management arrangements in place to ensure that diving supervisors and LSTs have sufficient knowledge of British legislation and in particular, the specific duties placed upon them by the Diving at Work Regulations 1997.

Indeed, contractors are reminded they have a duty to ensure that diving supervisors and LSTs are familiar with relevant legislative duties wherever they operate in the world.

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Published date: 27 February 2023
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