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Working in high temperatures

IMCA members conduct operations in various parts of the world which have a very hot and humid climate during the summer season. In such places, the ambient temperature at times can exceed 40°C along with periods of very high humidity. Such conditions are potentially dangerous to those who are working under direct sun or in environments such as enclosed or confined spaces or engine rooms and compartments etc. where air movement may be limited, and even in poorly ventilated office buildings.

Heat stress is an occupational and safety issue. With high heat stress levels, mental confusion can develop and predispose workers to perform unsafe acts. The risk of incidents increases with extremes of temperature, hence it is important that we have appropriate heat stress guidelines.

This Information Note summarises for members and their crews some of the risks involved in hot and humid climates and some proven mitigation measures.

To view the information note in full, please download the PDF.

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Nicholas Hough
Consultant - Safety and Security

Information Note Details

Published date: 17 October 2023
Information note ID: 1649


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