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CEO Update – March 2021

Welcome to the March edition of Making Waves, and for the first time since IMCA’s remote working started on 16 March 2020, we have a much more optimistic perspective of the prospect of returning to work in our London offices in the coming months. But irrespective of our locations, our work has continued unabated, and we have a busy programme ahead of us.

Our committees have seen several changes over that past year, and we have now started the election cycle for the Offshore Survey Committee and others will follow during the year. I would like to extend our thanks to Sandy Steven, who now stands down as the Chair of the Lifting & Rigging Committee. Sandy has been a loyal and enthusiastic supporter of IMCA for many years and his pragmatic no-nonsense approach has helped drive this large committee in making great progress on a subject which is fundamental to offshore construction. We wish Sandy well in his future endeavours.

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Visit IMCA’s COVID-19 Resource Area

Keep up to date with the latest from IMCA and other key sources including industry bodies, the International Maritime Organization and other associations. This area is split into news items and resources from third parties and IMCA.

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IMCA Awards – The Winners

Read about the winners of IMCA’s 2020 Safety, Environmental Sustainability and COVID-19 Pandemic Initiatives awards.

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IMCA plays a key roles in European DP Conference

IMCA member companies and secretariat participate in the key industry event on 24 March.

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IMCA’s Margaret Fitzgerald features in “Top Women in Shipping”

Margaret Fitzgerald, Head of Marine Policy & Regulatory Affairs at IMCA was ranked joint 26th in All About Shipping’s Top Women listing 2020. 1,580 women from all sectors of the entire shipping spectrum entered with 189 sharing the top 100 places.

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Committee Elections due in 2021

IMCA’s work is primarily undertaken through our extensive committee and workgroup structure. A number of elections for committee membership are scheduled to take place during 2021. Details relating to elections for specific committees will be communicated to Members in due course.

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Call to Action for Marine Members

Fuel consumption data collection – please share your data with IMCA to support our submission to the IMO proposing a suitable metric for assessing the Carbon Intensity of the offshore sector.

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Are barriers effective for “loss of automatic DP control?”

Andy Goldsmith, Technical Adviser – Marine reveals the findings of IMCA’s annual ‘Dynamic Positioning Station Keeping Review’.

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Network Storm Workshop

IMCA’s DP committee hosted a workshop in early March on the subject of DP system Network Storms. There were three presentations by individuals heavily involved in this subject and workshop sessions throughout to discuss and debate many specific points.

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IMCA’s Andre Rose becomes a Chartered Marine Technologist

CMarTech is a professional accreditation established by iMarEST which has a Royal Charter from the United Kingdom, to award suitably qualified and experienced applicants the title of Chartered Marine Technologists. Congratulations to Andre who was one of six applicants who were successfully registered through a pilot programme in 2020.

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A chance to recognise engineering excellence?

IMCA would like to draw Members’ attention to a competition for the award of the 250th anniversary medal for engineering excellence by the Smeatonian Society. 

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Annual Safety Statistics Submission – Closes 9 April

The window for submission of 2020 IMCA contractor member safety statistical data is now open and will close on Friday 9 April 2021.

IMCA has been collecting and publishing industry safety statistics since 1997 with the data-set containing anonymised submissions from our contractor members worldwide.

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Safety Corner

Nick Hough, Technical Adviser, provides an update on all things safety-related that are applicable to IMCA members and their operations.

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Latest Publications

Latest Publications

For the latest versions of IMCA documents, information notes and bulletins please visit the publications section on our website.

Users of IMCA guidance should ensure that they always use the current version, as our documents undergo a regular cycle of review and revision.

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IMCA Events

Visit our website for the latest details on IMCA events and third party events that we are involved in and support.

Upcoming events: 

17 March – IMCA Regional Webinar (Joint Middle East & India/Asia-Pacific)
28 April – South America Regional Webinar

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Industry Events

Visit our website for the latest details on industry events that we are involved in and support.

Upcoming events: 

23 – 25 March – Annual Offshore Support Journal Conference
21 & 22 April – MCE Deepwater Development

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Keeping members up to date

IMCA Digest

IMCA’s Digest is an online collation of all of IMCA’s output. Here you can find a handy list of all IMCA output – publications, information notes, minutes, news updates, events information and more – to help you catch up, or to identify the issues we’ve been working on that are the most important to you. You can browse the latest output, or filter for any specific period to make sure you keep in touch with IMCA’s activities.

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