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CEO Update – May 2021

Welcome to the May edition of Making Waves.
I am very pleased to report that this month we will be publishing the first edition of our Code of Practice on Environmental Sustainability which I recommend to all our Members.
Our CPD programme, which has cut new ground in the diving division, has recently been expanded to the marine division. IMCA has collaborated with the Nautical Institute to develop a CPD app for DPOs.
The scheme is designed to help DPOs maintain their technical knowledge of the latest industry practices.
As I mentioned earlier in the year, we will be holding several committee elections in 2021 as part of the 3-year cycle which was extended in 2020 due to the pandemic. The Offshore Survey Committee election has now successfully taken place using an online process. Many thanks go to past members of the committee and the new members who are joining.

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Visit IMCA’s COVID-19 Resource Area

Keep up to date with the latest from IMCA and other key sources including industry bodies, the International Maritime Organization and other associations. This area is split into news items and resources from third parties and IMCA.

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Day of the Seafarer 2021 campaign launched by IMO Secretary General

IMO launches 2021 Day of the Seafarer campaign to encourage recognition of seafarers as key workers under #fairfuture4seafarers

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Visit IMCA’s Vaccination Resource Area

Keep up to date with the latest from IMCA and other key sources including industry bodies, the International Maritime Organization and other associations. This area is split into news items and resources from third parties and IMCA.

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Roadmap for vaccination of International Seafarers

Find out how IMCA has been working with an industry-led vaccination task force to develop a roadmap for seafarers.

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Recent election update – Offshore Survey Committee

Find out about the latest updates to this Divisional Committee following the recent election.

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DPO CPD App launched in March in conjunction with Nautical Institute

The Nautical Institute (NI) and IMCA have been working together in recent months and in March launched a Dynamic Positioning Operators (DPO) continuing professional development app. The scheme is run by NI. Full details including scope, FAQs and outline content are on both IMCA’s and the NI’s website. All applications are made through the NI’s Alexis Platform.

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Results from the 2021 Membership Survey

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete our Membership Survey this year. The results formed part of our 2021 Strategic Review. Results from the survey are available on our website.

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Call for photos!

Please share your photographs of the last 25 years in our industry to help us showcase developments, milestones and progress.

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Annual Safety Statistics Report

IMCA has produced an annual report of safety statistics supplied by contractor members since the late 1990’s. The 2020 report is now available.

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Safety Corner

In this Safety Corner, Nick Hough, Technical Adviser, provides an update on all things safety-related that are applicable to IMCA members and their operations.
We offer the safety corner as a written piece or a short podcast from Nick.

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Practical actions on environmental sustainability

At the end of April the South America Committee hosted a webinar on environmental sustainability, attracting over a record number of attendees for one of their events which showed strong regional Member interest in this subject. Nadine Robinson, Technical Adviser on Environmental Sustainability shares her learnings from speaking at this event.

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UXO at Sea – Things that go bang!

Unexploded ordnance (UXO) is not a subject that IMCA has traditionally been involved. However in recent months we have provided technical assistance for a competence framework which has been submitted to the International Standards Organisation (ISO). This Standard should be published in Q3 2021. Inthe meantime we would like to share with you an extract from an article by Chris Baldwin of Marine Safety & Security Consultants about key steps in ensuring safe and efficient UXO operations.

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Latest Publications

Latest Publications – May 2021

For the latest versions of IMCA documents, information notes and bulletins please visit the publications section on our website.

Users of IMCA guidance should ensure that they always use the current version, as our documents undergo a regular cycle of review and revision.

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Events round up

Read about the IMCA and industry events we have been involved in recently.

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Upcoming Events

IMCA organises events to keep members informed on the latest technical developments and areas of interest. Our next webinar is on 23 June – check our website for the latest updates.

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Keeping members up to date

IMCA Digest

IMCA’s Digest is an online collation of all of IMCA’s output. Here you can find a handy list of all IMCA output – publications, information notes, minutes, news updates, events information and more – to help you catch up, or to identify the issues we’ve been working on that are the most important to you. You can browse the latest output, or filter for any specific period to make sure you keep in touch with IMCA’s activities. Visit our website to keep up-to-date:

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