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CEO Update – October 2021

Welcome to the October edition of Making Waves. Once again we have plenty of action to report on as we head into the last quarter of the year.

We held our Environmental Sustainability Seminar on September 28, which was a great success with experts from around the world supporting our Code of Practice and providing informed opinion on the way forward.  The overarching message was clear; small practical steps can make way for significant change, but we must build momentum. A theme that will no doubt be recurring throughout COP26 in a few weeks’ time. A detailed report with key takeaways from the event can be found in this issue of Making Waves.

CPD and certification are proceeding at pace, with the expansion of the CPD for DPOs to include all key DP Personnel. Also, our Experienced Practitioner Accredited Diving System Inspector scheme was recently launched and nominations have been pouring in. The first exams are scheduled for 23 November and therefore we should have our first cohort of accredited inspectors in place by year end. This is the ‘grandfather’ scheme being put in place to facilitate our Accredited Diving System Inspector scheme which will launch in 2022. Watch a short video about the scheme.

Read on for details CPD update, certificate verification portal, DMAC’s latest on COVID and Renewables.

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Vaccination News

The importance of COVID-19 Vaccination to the Offshore Diving Community

COVID-19 presents serious risks for all marine crew, but there are a number of reasons why the SARS-CoV-2 virus is of special concern to the diving industry. The Diving Medical Advisory Committee (DMAC) has just released a Position Statement entitled, COVID-19 Vaccination and the Offshore Energy Diving Community.  The statement sets out the particular risks to their health and careers that divers face from COVID-19.  It also stresses the vital role that COVID-19 vaccination currently plays in reducing and controlling those risks.

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Regulatory News

Advocating for key worker status of offshore workers at IMO

Building upon the commitments made in the Neptune Declaration, the shipping industry remains committed to support the rights of seafarers collectively at IMO where IMCA continues to advocate not only for its’ members’ seafarers but also their offshore personnel.

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Collaboration with IMO Member States pays dividends in pushing MASS ahead on the international agenda

Following a series of roundtable discussions with key IMO Member States, IMCA was strategically placed to co-sponsor a proposal to IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 104) calling for substantial work on the development of a new goal-based holistic code for Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) to commence as a priority for IMO’s biennium 2022-2023. The proposed code aims to establish a global standard for the design, construction and operation of MASS and thereby allow IMO to continue to promote safe, secure, environmentally sound, efficient and sustainable shipping.

MSC 104 agreed that the first step in the process would be the finalization of a road map which would set out a common understanding of the steps involved in the process while, at the same time, substantial proposals are developed which lead to the preparation of a mandatory instrument to address MASS operations. IMCA’s MASS Committee will continue to collaborate with IMO Member States to develop suitable proposals going forward.

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Call to Action for Marine Members

Fuel consumption data collection – please share your data with IMCA to support our submission to the IMO proposing a suitable metric for assessing the Carbon Intensity of the offshore sector.

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IMCA and NI expand DPO CPD App to Key DP Personnel

The Nautical Institute (NI) and IMCA continue to build on their Dynamic Positioning continuing professional development app with the launch of a second module. In response to industry demand in recent months, the scheme has now been expanded to include all key DP personnel.

The scheme, originally aimed at supporting Dynamic Positioning Operators, is designed to help all key DP personnel maintain their technical knowledge of the latest industry guidance and operational best practice. The app expands professional awareness of the latest IMCA/industry guidance; DP safety bulletins; DP exercises and training drills; and assists in improving safety and operational efficiency offshore as well as technical knowledge.

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Safety Interface Document for a DP vessel working near an offshore platform to apply to all industry sectors

IMCA M 125 Safety Interface Document for a DP vessel working near an offshore platform, has been revised as part of a continuous review of IMCA guidelines to ensure their relevance across all energy sectors.

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New Certificate Verification Portal now live

Find out more about IMCA’s new online facility that enables members to access verification services 24 hours a day.

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Welcoming new members

IMCA is delighted to welcome a range of new members in recent months.

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Inside the Secretariat

Take a deep dive behind the scenes at IMCA with Membership Services Team Lead Chelsea Antrobus.

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Safety Corner

Safety Corner – October 2021

Nick Hough, Technical Adviser, provides an update on all things safety-related that are applicable to IMCA members and their operations. In this issue Nick tells us about the HSSE Committee and its activities.

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HSE’s Trevor Johnson gets out his crystal ball

Read part II of our interview with Trevor Johnson, HM Principal Inspector of Health, Safety, Wind and Marine Energy Team, UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE)

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NUI Compact Chest Compression Device

Rolf Røssland, Managing Director of NUI and IMCA Member shares with us an article on the NUI Compact Chest Compression Device (NCCD).

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Small steps can cover great distances, when travelling in the right direction

Nadine Robinson, Technical Adviser for Environmental Sustainability reflects on key moments from IMCA’s recent Environmental Sustainability Seminar.

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Explore the world of competence

Understanding Competence

Over the next few months, IMCA’s Competence and Training Committee will publish a series of articles, podcasts and wire side chats looking at various aspect of Competence. This first installment looks at what it is to be competent.

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Why use a competence scheme?

In the last issue of Making Waves IMCA’s Competence and Training Committee issued the first in a series of articles, podcasts and wire side chats looking at various aspect of Competence. The first installment looked at what it is to be competent and here we ask “Why use a competence scheme?”
This article is also available as a podcast

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Challenges to implementing a competence scheme

The third instalment of our “Understanding Competence” series looks at the challenges IMCA member companies may come across when implementing a competence scheme and how to overcome them. This article is also available as a podcast.

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Latest Publications

Latest Publications – October 2021

For the latest versions of IMCA documents, information notes and bulletins please visit the publications section on our website.

Users of IMCA guidance should ensure that they always use the current version, as our documents undergo a regular cycle of review and revision.

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Events round up

Read about the IMCA and industry events we have been involved in recently.

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IMCA at industry events in November 2021

Visit our website for the latest details on industry events that we are involved in and support.

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24 November – IMCA South America webinar on Competency

IMCA’s South America Regional Committee is planning to host its next regional webinar, with a key focus on competence. Details to be announced shortly.

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Save the date: IMCA DP Conference – June 2022

IMCA will be hosting a DP Conference in June 2022 focusing on technical and operational matters relating to Dynamic Positioning.
More details will be announced shortly.

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Keeping members up to date

IMCA Digest

IMCA’s Digest is an online collation of all of IMCA’s output. Here you can find a handy list of all IMCA output – publications, information notes, minutes, news updates, events information and more – to help you catch up, or to identify the issues we’ve been working on that are the most important to you. You can browse the latest output, or filter for any specific period to make sure you keep in touch with IMCA’s activities. Visit our website to keep up-to-date:

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