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CEO Update – September/October 2022

Welcome to Making Waves. At last, I am able to report that we have held a successful series of face-to-face membership and industry events this year. We started in Aberdeen in February and by the end of next month we will have completed all our regional events together with two technical seminars. Many thanks go to all our members who have taken part and contributed to the success of these events. Thanks also go to the IMCA secretariat and in particular our communications team for getting us quickly back into the swing of being on the road again. 

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Major revision of key IMCA diving system guidance

IMCA has fully revised and updated the principal documents within its DESIGN (Diving Equipment Systems Inspection Guidance Note) suite of documents.

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IMCA publishes DP system network storm guidance

New guidance will increase awareness of issues related to DP system network storms, and further supports the safety of crews and vessels.

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Membership Update

IMCA is delighted to welcome a range of new members in recent months.

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People News

IMCA Secretariat Long Service Awards

IMCA celebrate the long service of some of our secretariat members

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Technical Adviser for Marine Renewable Energy

Rhys Jones is IMCA’s Technical Adviser for Marine Renewable Energy

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US Offshore Wind Business Development focus

Dustin Varnell recently joined IMCA’s Business Development team. Based in Rhode Island, Dustin will focus on the U.S. offshore wind energy market, complementing the work of Bruce Gresham, IMCA’s Director of Client Engagement in the U.S.

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IMCA pays respects

Paying respects to the late Mark Bosson

IMCA joins committee members and colleagues across the industry in payng respects to the late Mark Bosson

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Tribute to the late John Baron

IMCA joins many industry colleagues in paying tribute to the late John Baron

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The Safety Corner

Extreme temperatures experienced during seasonal highs/lows serve to raise the importance of crew welfare, not only in the face of hot or cold conditions, but also in the wider context of ensuring a just workplace and an outstanding safety culture.

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Contracting in the global offshore wind market

Allen Leatt, IMCA CEO talks about procurement challenges and solutions for the offshore wind market.

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Herculean effort needed to meet global offshore wind targets

Rhys Jones, technical adviser – marine renewable energy at IMCA explores the renewable energy targets and our activities in this area.

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Competence Certificate Validity Period

The validity period of a Competence Certificate is a topic which often appears to be misunderstood.
Various matters have been raised, ranging from why do we need a competence certificate, through to why does it have a validity period and need to be renewed periodically?

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40 years since the successful salvage of King Henry VIII’s Mary Rose, achieved with help from the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry ‘Giants’

Kester Keighley, technical assistant – diving, marks the 40th anniversary since the raising of King Henry VIII’s warship, the Mary Rose.

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Call for Content – IMCA members in action!

We need your video footage and images to showcase your work!

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Keep up todate with our events programme

We are back on the road engaging with members through our regional meetings and technical seminars, plus we are involved in industry events. Watch out for the latest in the Events Section of our website and plan your participation for the rest of this year and into 2023.

IMCA Events – Regional Meetings

IMCA Asia Pacific Regional Meeting

Interesting line up for our Asia Pacific Regional Meeting on 15 November 2022

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IMCA at Industry Events

IMCA’s DP Expertise sought from Houston to Singapore

Our dynamic positioning experts are involved in upcoming industry events around the world

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Keeping members up to date

IMCA Digest

IMCA’s Digest is an online collation of all of IMCA’s output. Here you can find a handy list of all IMCA output – publications, information notes, minutes, news updates, events information and more – to help you catch up, or to identify the issues we’ve been working on that are the most important to you. You can browse the latest output, or filter for any specific period to make sure you keep in touch with IMCA’s activities. Visit our website to keep up-to-date:

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