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Categories of Membership

When joining IMCA there are seven broad categories of membership to consider.

Full details of these categories can be found in our Bye-laws. A high-level description is below.

Please note that the Secretariat maintains detailed rules, procedures, audit requirements and fees related to the various membership categories associated with contractors and suppliers joining our Diving Division.

Membership is generally for a single named legal entity operating in a single region.  An additional trading name may be displayed together with the legal entity where needed.  Affiliate membership may be applicable elsewhere (see below). 

Administrative Contact

IMCA Membership Services

Engagement Contact

IMCA Engagement Team

Global Contractor

The Global Contractor membership level is IMCA’s highest category of membership, representing leading industry contractors operating on a global scale.

International Contractor

International Contractor membership comprises contractors with a strong international presence – operating in three or more of IMCA’s geographic regions.

Contractor Membership

This is the largest category of membership and represents the majority of marine contractors operating on a national or regional level. Much of IMCA’s work is to represent its contractor members and our work programme is directed to serve them.

Workboat Membership

These members are companies involved in supporting various offshore marine energy operations with small workboats less than 500 gross tonnage and a load line length of less than 24 metres; and are therefore not required to comply with the ISM or ISPS Codes.

Supplier Membership

The industry’s supply chain supporting our contractor members has always played an important part and role in IMCA. There are four supplier sub-categories:

  • S1 – Supplier of equipment or services (non-training), including: equipment manufacturers; engineering companies, consultants; etc.
  • S2 – Personnel agencies.
  • T2 – Training providers offering courses approved by IMCA.
  • T3 – Training providers offering courses other than T2 (non-diving).

Energy Company Membership

Membership is open to energy companies in all offshore energy markets including oil and gas companies, wind energy companies, tidal energy companies, operators, developers, and co-venturers.

Affiliate Membership

An affiliate member is an entity that owns, is owned by, or is under the same ownership as a current IMCA member. Affiliate membership is available for Contractor and Supplier members who would like to:

  1. Apply for membership in an additional region
  2. Apply for an additional category of membership
  3. Apply for membership for an additional legal entity within the same company group

Applications for affiliate membership will be handled in the normal way using our online application form.
An additional process for Diving Contractor affiliates can be found on the Diving Contractor Membership page.

Any queries regarding membership should be directed to our Membership Services Team using the contact details above.