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Membership Fees

Membership Fees are applicable on an annual basis and are dependent on Membership Category.

Energy Company membership covers all divisions. For full details please contact us.

Application Fees

All new standard membership applications are subject to a non-refundable £1,200 application fee.

All new Diving Contractor applications are subject to a non-refundable £2,700 application fee.

Any re-joining members are subject to a £2,500 re-application fee.

Administrative Contact

IMCA Membership Services

Engagement Contact

IMCA Engagement Team

Membership Fees for 2024

Membership runs from January – December annually and is calculated on a pro-rated basis. Certain categories have a fixed annual fee. For the others, there are two elements to IMCA membership fees: the ‘basic’ fee plus one or more divisional fees. Each member must join one or more divisions relevant to its own activities.

Affiliate membership is charged at a reduced rate, with the application fee and the basic membership fee being waived; only the divisional fee(s) will be applicable should the application be successful.

For companies looking to submit a membership application and current Members looking to renew their IMCA membership, below are the membership fees for 2024. 

Category Fixed Fee Basic Diving Marine Survey ROV
Contractor (Co)   £4040 £4040 £4040 £4040 £4040
Workboat Owner/Operator WB £2000  
Supplier S1   £2020 £2020 £2020 £2020 £2020
Supplier S2   £1010 £1010 £1010 £1010 £1010
Training Provider T2 £2750  
Training Provider T3   £1010 n/a £1010 £1010 £1010
Energy Company £8000  
Energy Company (all regions) £27000  

Figures shown are net of tax, if applicable.

Any queries regarding membership should be directed to our Membership Services team using the contact details above.