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IMCA Membership Application

The first step in applying for membership is to create an account for this site which will let you start the application process, give you access to come back and update your application, check on the status of your application and update contact details.

To apply for membership, start by selecting the appropriate category below.

  • You must apply for the highest category relevant to your company's operations. You may wish to use our member directory to help identify where similar companies fit into the category structure.
  • Applications should be submitted by named individuals via a personalised company email address.
  • Please do not submit in ALL CAPITALS, as this creates additional work restoring to a normal format.

A copy of the application form is available in Microsoft Word format to help you prepare the required information, but all applications must be submitted online via this page.

Global Contractor

'Global Contractor' is IMCA’s highest category of membership, representing leading industry contractors operating on a global scale.
Membership is by invitation of the IMCA Board. Companies should apply in the 'Contractor' category or contact us for more details.

International Contractor

'International Contractor' members are contractors with a strong international presence – operating in three or more of IMCA’s geographic regions.
Membership is by invitation of the IMCA Board. Companies should apply in the 'Contractor' category or contact us for more details.


'Contractor' members are contractors and/or vessel owner/operator/charterer of any offshore vessel exceeding 500 gross tonnage. This is the largest category of membership and represents the majority of marine contractors operating on a national or regional level. Much of IMCA’s work is to represent its contractor members and our work programme is directed to serve them.

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Workboat Owner/Operator

'Workboat' members are companies involved in supporting offshore marine energy operations through owning and/or operating small workboats less than 500 gross tonnage and a load line length of less than 24 metres; and are therefore not required to comply with the ISM or ISPS Codes. Workboat membership is primarily linked to the Marine Division, although members can access and receive information from all technical divisions.

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'Supplier' members provide equipment and/or services to IMCA's contractor members, including manufacturers, R&D organisations, engineering consultants, personnel agencies and training providers.

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Energy Company

'Energy Company' members include offshore renewable energy, offshore oil & gas, and other offshore operators or developers. Energy Company membership includes all four technical divisions (Diving, Marine, Offshore Survey and Remote Systems & ROV).

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IMCA may invite industry-related or -interested organisations to join as Associate Members on a non-fee-paying basis. These include government departments and non-governmental organisations, trade associations and professional institutions. If you wish your organisation to be considered for Associate status, please contact us.