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Training Provider Membership

IMCA offers two categories of membership for training providers, each with its own membership criteria. Companies must maintain membership in every category relevant to the courses that they run.

T2 – Training providers offering courses approved by IMCA

IMCA offers approval of five specific courses:

  • ROV Introductory Training
  • Assistant Life Support Technician
  • Diver Medic
  • Trainee Air Diving Supervisor
  • Trainee Diving Systems Inspector
  • Trainee Bell Diving Supervisor

Training providers applying in the T2 category will be required to successfully complete the assessment procedure set out in IMCA G 010 – IMCA assessment procedure for training course approval – supplemented by the relevant course-specific document (links below). This includes initial desktop assessment and on-site audit plus periodic revalidation.

New applicants must complete both the online membership application and the downloadable application form for training course approval. Applicants will be required to submit an evidence portfolio as set out in the course-specific guidance document so that the desktop review can commence.

Assessment and revalidation fees are incorporated into the annual membership, as set out on our fees page. Course approval and membership must be held together, so neither application process can complete until both assessments have successful outcomes and all fees are paid.

Relevant documents:

  • IMCA G010IMCA assessment procedure for training course approval
  • IMCA R002Requirements for IMCA-Approved ROV Introductory Training courses
  • IMCA D020Requirements for IMCA-Approved Diver Medic Training courses
  • IMCA D071 – Requirements for IMCA-Approved Trainee Air Diving Supervisor training courses
  • IMCA D072 – Requirements for IMCA-Approved Trainee Bell Diving Supervisor training courses
  • IMCA D073 Requirements for IMCA-Approved Assistant Life Support Technician Training courses
  • IMCA D080Requirements for IMCA-Approved Trainee Dive System Inspector Training Courses

T3 – Training providers offering courses other than T2 (non-diving)

Organisations offering courses not covered by the T2 categories are eligible to apply for membership in the T3 category – examples include providers of safety and marine-related training. IMCA does not approve these courses and the IMCA logo must not be used to imply approval or recognition. Further information on correct use of the IMCA logo can be found on our Brand Usage page.

While there are no audit requirements, providers remain subject to the general requirements of IMCA members set out in the IMCA Bye-Laws, which are available on our governance page.