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Module four launches on IMCA Key Personnel DP App

Published on 12 June 2023

We are delighted to share details of the latest addition to our IMCA Key Personnel DP App, with a fourth module released focusing on field arrival trials, SIMOPS and laser position references.

The update comes following the introduction of new rules by the Nautical Institute which require Dynamic Positioning Operators to demonstrate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) throughout their careers.

The IMCA Key Personnel DP App is one means of ensuring that DP Operators can simply meet their new CPD requirements cost-effectively. An NI accredited scheme, it links directly to users’ profiles in the NI’s Alexis platform, providing ongoing proof of CPD, now a necessity ahead of certificate renewal.

IMCA Contact

Graeme Reid
Technical Adviser – Marine

Graeme Reid, Technical Adviser – Marine, said: “I’m pleased to be able to share the latest content update to our increasingly popular App. Module four explores a topic of much interest at our DP Conference in May 2023, field arrival trials. We know through analysis of our DP reporting scheme that undertaking trails has prevented many incidents over the last year.

“We also explore SIMOPS which has previously been a strong focus for the offshore energy industry and owing to the significant increase in offshore wind, which often requires multiple vessels in the field, remains important.

“Finally, we take a deep dive into Laser position references and consider two related real-life case studies.”

Module four of the IMCA Key Personnel DP App is available now, and explores the following topics:

  • Field arrival trials.
  • Open and closed bus operations.
  • Laser Position references.
  • DP controllers and operator stations.
  • Simultaneous Operations.
  • Mission Types & Effects – ROV / OSV / AHT.
  • Case Study one – Masking of Position References.
  • Case study two – Laser target jump.

To support the industry in understanding the recent changes announced by the Nautical Institute, IMCA has produced a series of FAQs which explores the issues in more detail. This forms part of the recently launched industry awareness campaign by IMCA to ensure that all DP Operators understand the changes.

The campaign moves to Singapore and the upcoming DP Asia Conference & Exhibition (21 and 22 June 2023) where Graeme Reid will present the App and the rule changes to attendees. Joining him from IMCA at the Conference are Richard Purser, Technical Adviser – Marine, and Margaret Fitzgerald, Head of Legal & Regulatory Affairs who will present on the IMO and Decarbonisation of the Offshore Sector.

Graeme added: “I’m looking forward to discussing the new module at DP Asia in a few weeks’ time. IMCA’s Key Personnel DP App, and its ongoing development, is all part of our mission of improving safety and performance in our industry. Our programme of CPD, built on years of experience in safety and in shaping industry standards, is a vital tool to help us achieve this.”