Making Waves iconMaking Waves 88 – January 2019

In our latest edition of Making Waves, we feature the IMCA Annual Seminar held in November 2018. This covers the opening day and the focus on strategies being developed to cope with the downturn, and new ways of oil companies and contractors working together. Also included: corporate social responsiblity, competence e-portfolio, eCMID, DP practitioner accreditation and more.

Making Waves iconMaking Waves 83 – June 2017

In this issue of the quarterly IMCA magazine, we speak to Kitack Lim – Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), as IMCA steps up its representation of the marine contracting sector at IMO and with regulators around the world.
Also in this issue: Harke Jan Meek becomes IMCA President; new initiatives following the recent strategic review; safety statistics published and changes to safety flashes on the way; regulatory updates from IMO, ILO, US (Jones Act) and the EU; and the usual updates on documentation, events and membership.

Making Waves iconMaking Waves #82 – Quarter 1, 2017

This issue of IMCA’s quarterly newsletter features an exclusive interview on the first US offshore wind project and some of the varied challenges that were overcome in order to deliver it.

Also in this issue: transitioning to the new governance arrangements; this new website and changes to document access and classification; the launch of new safety promotion video shorts; DP guidance and IMO recognition; plus the usual updates on documentation, events and membership.

Making Waves iconMaking Waves #81 – December 2016

This issue of IMCA’s quarterly newsletter features a review of IMCA’s recent diving seminar, which focused on updates to IMCA’s DESIGN documents and the industry’s latest operational and technological approaches.

Also in this issue: EGM supports IMCA governance update; security seminar urges preparedness; and Bryan McGlinchy features in the spotlight interview

Making Waves iconMaking Waves #80 – September 2016

This edition features an in-depth look at how safety remains a top priority for IMCA and its members, even in difficult market conditions. We look at current safety initiatives and resources available to members and hear about the experiences of experts on the SEL committee.

Also in this issue: the latest rope forum, diving workshop and more.