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NI and IMCA Launch a third module for DP CPD APP

Published on 4 January 2023

The Nautical Institute (NI) and the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) continue to build on their Key Dynamic Positioning (DP) Personnel continuing professional development (CPD) app with the launch of a third module. 

The newly launched Module 3 comprises individual lessons around the subjects of classification societies, Satellite based position reference systems, DP drills & exercises, DP station keeping event case studies, Introduction to different mission types, then delves into mission specific DP operations – diving support, DP shuttle tankers, cable lay / repair, service operations vessels (SOVs). Future modules will see all mission types explained considering Position Reference Systems (PRS), operational planning and impacts on the DP system and its operation.

Module 4 is now in the production phase. Learning is enhanced by direct and free access, via the app, to key IMCA recommended practice documentation related to the particular topic being studied. The relevant IMCA recommended practice is also included for download within the appropriate module in the app. Registration and payment for access to the CPD app is undertaken via the NI Alexis Platform, see CPD App Information at

Background to the CPD DP App

The scheme is designed to help all key DP personnel maintain their technical knowledge of the latest industry recommended and operational practice. The app expands professional awareness of the latest IMCA/industry guidance; DP safety bulletins; DP exercises and training drills; and assists in improving safety and operational efficiency offshore as well as technical knowledge.

The CPD app draws on the long-term commitment to DP and all key DP Personnel by both the NI and IMCA. For more than 25 years, IMCA has operated the industry’s DP event reporting scheme. These reports are published as ‘lessons learned’ for the benefit of the whole industry, generating leading industry guidance that will form a mainstay of the CPD scheme. In addition, the scheme benefits from the considerable efforts by the NI in the creation and regular updating of the DPO Handbook which was first published in 2008. Feedback on the scheme from industry has been very positive in recognising CPD as an effective means of combatting knowledge and skill fade.

Course content

The content is divided into a number of modules, each covering aspects of six different categories:

  • DP Regulation & Guidance
  • DP Functional Requirements
  • DP Knowledge Enhancement
  • DP Operations
  • DP Redundancy Concepts
  • DP Testing & Trials

Each category is further divided into different units.

Further information is at: Key DP Personnel CPD – IMCA (