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IMCA’s Safety and Environmental Sustainability Awards

Published on 21 November 2022

Nominations for two highly sought after International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) awards opened today [date]. The first, the IMCA Safety Award, re-enforces the message that safety lies at the heart of all that the association does for its members and the industries they serve. The second the IMCA Environmental Sustainability Award reflect the steps that IMCA members are taking on this front, using the IMCA Code of Practice on Environmental Sustainability as their guide.

The criteria for both awards and submission information available online. All entries should be submitted via email to [email protected] by 31 January 2023. The Awards will be presented at an IMCA event in Q1 2023.

As Allen Leatt, IMCA’s Chief Executive explained:

“Safety and Environmental Sustainability top the International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA’s) key strategic themes; and the Awards celebrate the positive initiatives and practices of IMCA members in these areas so that we as an industry can replicate and build on that progress to improve performance.” 

IMCA Contact

Allen Leatt
Chief Executive

A specific safety initiative or a grouping of safety initiatives will result in one organisation being selected to win the IMCA Safety Award. Criteria include visibility and promotion of safety with the workforce; successful adoption and buy-in; improvement in safety behaviours; improved safety performance; and the possibilities for future development. Saipem are the current holders of this award recognising their anti-collision man/machine initiative.

Similarly, the Environmental Sustainability Award will be presented for a specific environmental project or a grouping of such projects.

“It will be assessed on advancing environmental sustainability in areas such as the scale of environmental benefit; innovation; commitment of the workforce; social and economic benefits; quantification of the improvements; and the possibilities for future development.  There are two companies who are the current holders DEME recognised for their Environmental Sustainability Campaigns and Van Oord for the jack up barge Boreas.”

The winners will be the best safety and environmental sustainability initiatives developed by IMCA member companies during the last year.

“We cannot stress enough that all members, irrespective of size, location, membership category are encouraged to submit entries – the small companies have some outstanding initiatives as do the larger international contractors. And don’t forget that entries submitted in previous years are permitted providing further developments and benefits of the programme can be clearly measured and demonstrated”.