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Podcast on diving gas supply incident reporting

Technical Adviser, Ali Macleod explains the rationale and practicalities covered in IMCA Information Note 1559 on Diving Gas Supply Incident Reporting.

The diving industry is in a highly vulnerable position should mix-ups or other errors in the provision of diving gases occur. Divers breathe life-supporting gases at high pressures.

If the wrong gases are delivered to diving contractors by diving gas supply companies, and incorrect gas mixtures are then provided to divers in chambers or in the water, the consequences may quickly be very serious.

IMCA Contact

Ali Macleod
Technical Adviser – Diving

In view of this, IMCA recommends that diving contractors always ensure they have robust arrangements in place at their dive sites to check that all pre-mixed diving gases received from gas supply companies contain the correct mixtures of breathing gas before they are put on-line.

IMCA’s Diving Division Management Committee (DDMC) has requested that diving contractor Members share their experiences of issues encountered with gases supplied from global gas supply companies. To enable this, IMCA has produced a Diving Gas Supply Incident Reporting Form (see appendix 1), which can be downloaded from the IMCA website at: The report form does not replace any company internal reporting and investigation procedures.