Basic safety training and vessel induction for non-marine personnel working offshore

Version history:

Date Reason Revision
March 2021 Further update and revision including change of style to matrix or table style following recently published IMCA C 018 Rev. 3
September 2016 Amendments made during the review process Rev. 2
January 2008 Review and update of the document Rev. 1
June 2001 Initial publication Rev. 0
  • Introduction
    • Existing IMCA guidance
    • Geographical requirements
    • Personnel categories
  • Basic safety training
  • Suggested training course content
  • Additional notes
    • Refresher training
    • Certification for successfully following a basic safety training course
    • Drills and exercises
    • Fitness for duty
    • Medical standards
    • Vessel induction
Reference(s): IMCA HSSE007
Published:March 2021
Version:Rev. 3
Grade:IMCA Recommended Practice

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