Contract for the provision of ROV, support vessel and associated work (based on BIMCO Supplytime 89)


Version history

June 2024 Rev. 2.1 – Page 2, template and bookmarking updated; no change to content

March 2017 Rev. 2 – To include the updated IMCA competition law compliance policy, to include new definitions for gross negligence, wilful misconduct and senior supervisory personnel, and to add a revised anti-corruption clause

October 2012 Rev. 1 – To make small improvements to the wording

January 2017 – Initial publication



This contract has been developed to raise awareness on contracting matters among IMCA members and their clients. Each IMCA member is free to enter into whatever contracts it deems to be in its own interests.


  • Instruction for Completion of the Contract
  • Part 1 – Clauses
  • Definitions and Interpretation
  • Charter of the Vessel
  • The Work
  • Entire Agreement
  • Precedence
  • Part 2 – Schedules
  • BIMCO Supplytime 89 Uniform Time Charter Party for Offshore Service Vessels
  • Variations and Additions to Supplytime 89 Terms
  • Work
  • Insurance and Limits of Liability
  • Company and Contractor Representatives
  • Breakdown
  • Appendix: IMCA competition law compliance policy

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