Diving operations from vessels operating in dynamically positioned mode


Version history

December 2023 Rev. 4.1 – Modifications made to guidance on drift trials & diver recovery trials within Section 11.1.

May 2023 Rev. 4 – Removal of guidance of the safe deployment and tending of diving umbilicals from vessels operating in DP mode. Subject now comprehensively covered in IMCA D078

June 2020 Rev. 3.1 – Minor edits during review

May 2008 Rev. 3 – Increased emphasis of the risks of diving within anchor patterns and other minor updates

July 2000 Rev. 2 – Revised for current practices

January 1998 Rev. 1 – Original document


  • Introduction
  • Responsibility and Authority of Personnel
  • Safety Management
  • Operational and Emergency Event Familiarisation for DPOs Working on DSVs
  • Marine Interface
  • DP Operations Risk Based Planning and Control
  • DP Alert Responses
  • Vessel Movement Limitations
  • Diving Umbilical Management from Dynamically Positioned Vessels
  • Shallow Water
  • Diving Within an Anchor Pattern or Close to a Suspended Subsea Asset
  • Diving Within a Swing Circle
  • Subsea Structures and Wellheads
  • References