Dynamic positioning (DP) logbook

This logbook enables the user to a keep a full record of information pertaining to their training, previous experience, DP watchkeeping, qualification/certificates and competence to ensure continued safe DP operations by competent personnel of all disciplines.

Guidance on completion

IMCA has published an information note setting out guidance on DP logbook completion.

2017 revision

While data recorded in the IMCA DP logbook remains the same, clearer instructions on how to complete the logbook have been included, showing how DP experience can be recorded in both hours and days, among other useful information.

The register of logbook holders has been discontinued and logbooks no longer include a unique number – there is no need to register them with IMCA. When selecting key DP personnel for their vessels, operators should refer to DP qualifications, logged experience and competence assessments.

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Reference(s): Logbook 012
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