Dynamic positioning station keeping review – incidents and events reported for 2023

  • Introduction
  • DP Station Keeping Summary for 2023
  • Conclusion
  • 2023 DP Case Studies

This report presents a comprehensive overview of the Dynamic Positioning (DP) station keeping events reported in 2023, meticulously compiled by the IMCA secretariat. Upholding a stringent protocol for confidentiality and security, each report submitted to IMCA is processed with utmost care. The initial step involves direct communication with the report’s submitter via email, ensuring that all information is thoroughly anonymised before it is utilised to provide industry feedback.

The significance of these reports in the broader context of IMCA’s DP activities is paramount. They serve as a critical resource for the development of new guidelines, the revision of existing ones, and offer valuable insights to client and regulatory organisations, as well as to the wider industry through the IMCA DP Bulletin. This process underscores the essential nature of report submissions from industry stakeholders.

Our approach to reviewing and analysing these reports is dynamic and continuous, aimed at fostering a culture of enhanced reporting within the industry. This, in turn, facilitates the sharing of lessons learned, provides meaningful analysis, and offers constructive feedback. While it is acknowledged that these reports alone do not yield statistically authoritative conclusions regarding the safety of DP operations, they are instrumental in identifying potential trends and patterns over time.

DP station keeping reports are welcome from both IMCA members and non-members alike. Reports can be accepted in company or other format providing that the analysis can be carried out from the information received.

Reference(s): DPSI034, IMCA M266
Published:January 2024
Version:New Publication

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