Fires in (DP) vessels

March 2024 Rev. 3.2 – Refresh of preface and layout; no change to content

June 2021  Rev. 3.1 – Re-issued as IMCA M119 HSSE046; no changes made to text

October 2020 Rev. 3 – Revised by IMCA DP Committee to the latest guidelines and standards

December 2016 Rev. 2 – Revised to include spaces other than machinery spaces; to build on recommendations and guidance

July 2003 Rev. 1 – 119 DPVOA to IMCA M 119. Revised to capture learning and experience gained; to reinforce recommendations and guidance; to add new material

Reference(s): IMCA HSS046, IMCA M119
Published:March 2024
Version:Rev. 3.2
Grade:IMCA Informative Guidance

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