Code of practice for developing and conducting DP annual trials programmes

Version history

May 2024 Rev. 3.2 – Quality check – preface and bookmarking updated; no change to content

August 2023 Rev. 3.1 – Errors in cross references and formatting changes

July 2023 Rev. 3 – Major Review

January 2020 Rev. 2.1 – Minor amendment made to Section 5.1

September 2019 Rev. 2  -To review that the guidance meets current industry practice following the recent publication of IMO MSC.1/Circ.1580
Ensure the requirements for Cumulative testing are covered by IMCA Guidance.

March 2017 Rev. 1 – Updated to incorporate IMCA M190A, IMCA M191 and IMCA M212

November 2012 – Initial publication

Reference(s): IMCA M190
Published:May 2024
Version:Rev. 3.2
Grade:IMCA Code of Practice

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