Guidance on competence assurance and assessment: Remote Systems & ROV Division

Version history

April 2024 Rev. 3.2 – Document quality review – preface and layout updated; no change to content
June 2020 Rev. 3.1 – Minor amendments to terminology in the competence tables
December 2016 Rev. 3 – Minor editorial changes made as part of IMCA’s five-year review process
January 2011 Rev. 3 – Technical updates; streamlining and consistency of language
November 2009 Rev. 2 – Review and update of tables, new positions included, client representative tables included
July 2003 Rev. 1 – Extended to include further positions
January 1999 – Initial publication

Reference(s): IMCA C005
Published:April 2024
Version:Rev. 3.2
Grade:IMCA Recommended Practice

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