Guidance on mitigation of marine invasive species: Biofouling and ballast water

  • Glossary of Terms
  • Introduction and Scope
    • Marine Invasive Species
    • Biofouling
    • Ballast Water
  • Legal Framework and Standards 
    • EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030     
    • Ballast Water Management Convention 
    • Control and Management of Ships’ biofouling      
    • International Convention on the Control of Harmful Anti-Fouling Systems on Ships              
    • Specific Regional Requirements  
  • Monitoring and Mitigation Measures       
    • Mitigation Measures against Biofouling   
    • Monitoring for Biofouling              
    • Mitigations Measures for Ballast Water  
    • Monitoring Ballast Water              
  • Sharing Best Practices     
    • DeepOcean         
    • TechnipFMC       
    • Fugro    
    • SBM Offshore    
Reference(s): IMCA ES002
Published:December 2023
Version:New Publication
Grade:IMCA Informative Guidance

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