Guidance on prevention and mitigation of lost bell emergencies

  • Introduction
  • Aims
  • Application
  • The Prevention of Lost Bell Diving Incidents
    • Diving Bells and Bell Launch and Recovery Systems – Fitness for Purpose
    • Primary Hazard
    • Moonpool and Cursor Hazards
  • The Mitigation of Loss Bell Diving Incidents
    • Emergency Procedures and Preparedness
    • Emergency Isolation of Gas Circuits in the Event of a Ruptured Bell Umbilical
    • Emergency Location of a Lost Diving Bell
    • Through-Water Communications
    • Bell Ballast Release Systems and Buoyant Ascent
    • Lost Bell Survival
  • Appendix 1 – Bell Mounted Acoustic Transponder Specification
  • Appendix 2 – Diver Operated Interrogator/Receiver
  • Appendix 3 – Bell Emergency Communication
  • Appendix 4 – Bell Ballast Release Systems
Reference(s): IMCA D077
Published:May 2023
Version:New Publication
Grade:IMCA Recommended Practice

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