Guidelines for lifting operations

DPO Certification – The available schemes: There are currently three organisations offering DPO certification. Each organisation states that the training scheme is in accordance with IMCA M 117 – Guidelines for the Training and Experience of Key DP Personnel. This information note provides an outline of each scheme. It does not, however, contain all the information necessary for the reader to decide which is the most suitable scheme to follow. The reader is strongly encouraged to research each scheme when deciding which one is suitable for their purposes, website links are provided to assist research. IMCA does not recommend any one scheme in favour of another.

Originally issued with the following reference(s): IMCA M 11/20

Reference(s): IMCA HSSE 019, IMCA LR 006, IMCA M 187, IMCA D 060
Published:March 2018
Version:Rev. 1


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