Guidelines for lifting operations

Revision history:

  • Initial publication – Oct 2017
  • Rev. 1 – Mar 2018 – An extensive revision to all sections of the document with the inclusion of appendices on subsea lifts, diving operations, lifting personnel, lifting at extreme heights and dismantlement of offshore structures.
  • Rev. 2 – Aug 2022 – Review and updates to ensure the guidelines properly cover lifting operations in the renewable energy sector contracting activities within Appendix A4. Minor amendments to other sections.


  • Definitions and glossary of terms
  • Introduction
  • Summary of guidance
  • Personnel
  • Pre-lift planning
  • Inspection, examination and marking of lifting equipment
  • Executing a lift
  • Record keeping
  • References
  • Appendices
    • Additional considerations for subsea lifts
    • Diving operations
    • Lifting personnel
    • Lifting of offshore wind turbine components
    • Dismantlement of offshore structures
Reference(s): IMCA HSSE 019, IMCA LR 006, IMCA M 187, IMCA D 060
Published:August 2022
Version:Rev. 2
Grade:IMCA Recommended Practice

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