Lost bell survival

A lost bell incident is fortunately a rare occurrence, but one which is life-threatening for the divers concerned.

Previous experience tells us that the divers’ chances of survival will be enhanced if the divers and their support crews know how to make effective use of the emergency survival equipment provided in each diving bell. This requires training so that divers are familiar with the equipment and support crews recognise their role in deploying and maintaining an effective survival system.

IMCA and the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) have therefore produced this video and accompanying trainers guide (see ‘Downloads’). Together, they are designed to supplement in-house training for dive teams, diving supervisors, life support technicians, maintenance personnel and trainees in the use of survival equipment provided in a diving bell or welding habitat.

Each diving contractor may have company-specific emergency procedures and equipment which are unique to that company or diving operation. Contractors will want to take account of these specific requirements when designing their in-house training programme. This video and guide, however, will assist by highlighting the basic procedures to be followed by divers involved in a lost bell incident.


Trainers’ guide contents:

  • Introduction
  • Objectives of the Training Programme
  • Background to ‘Lost Bell Survival’
  • The Training Programme
  • Further Reading
Product Details

Document, Video

Reference(s): IMCA D017
Published:April 2024
Version:Rev. 0.3
Grade:IMCA Informative Guidance

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