Minimum quantities of gas required offshore

December 2023           Rev. 1.1              Quality check; headers, footers & document map updated; reference and glossary sections added; no change to content

March 2021                  Rev. 1                 Updated to provide more comprehensive advice on appropriate minimum quantities for all the many sources of gas required to support a diving project across a range of industry recognised diving methods. New guidance on minimum requirements for decompression, therapeutic, BIBS, calibration, metabolic, escape, LSP, and HRF gas stocks included. Three new appendices added.

September 2020         Rev. 0.1              Text amended in Section 2.1 1) to clarify the minimum gas reserve requirements for surface orientated rescue dives.

May 2012                     Rev. 0                 Updated and published as IMCA D 050

July 1983                       AODC 014          Initial publication

Reference(s): IMCA D050
Published:December 2023
Version:Rev. 1.1
Grade:IMCA Recommended Practice

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