Principles for data platforms for work and skills (digital logbooks)


Revision history

January 2024 – Initial publication



IMCA has developed this document to assist its members in the selection of digital platforms for recording, analysis and sharing of work and skills data. These include digital versions of traditional personnel logbooks but are likely to include expanded feature sets.

It is recognised that this is an emerging market. This initial document is set out as a set of principles against which data platforms can be assessed in broad terms. It is intended to further develop these principles with additional technical information, such as standardised data exchange formats, in a future revision. Case studies may also be included in a future version to further assist members.

Alongside this document, IMCA has developed an interim scheme for IMCA approval of data platforms for work and skills (published as IMCA G011). This is intended to allow for a standardised assessment against the principles set out in Section 3. Equal access to the scheme would be available to all potential platform providers. Given that it is intended to expand the principles in this document in a future revision, the scheme is given an interim label to allow for future reassessment against updated criteria.

IMCA is not currently developing its own ‘digital logbook’ system but reserves the right to do so in future in order to meet its members’ needs and/or any gaps in third-party provision.

Regulations in certain jurisdictions may require a physical record to be maintained for certain roles or activities. Such regulations vary and acceptance of signed printouts from a digital system may or may not be acceptable. Logbook users (contractors and individuals) are responsible for assessment of and compliance with any such local requirements.


  • Introduction
  • Scope
  • Principles for Data Platforms for Work and Skills
    • Data Collected
    • Identity and Trust
    • Interoperability and Data Portability
    • Data Storage and Availability
    • Security, Privacy and Data Protection
    • Data Ownership and Analysis
  • References
Reference(s): IMCA C019
Published:January 2024
Version:Initial publication
Grade:IMCA Recommended Practice

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