Requirements for IMCA-approved Trainee Bell Diving Supervisor training courses

This document should be read in conjunction with IMCA G 010IMCA assessment procedure for training course approval. It sets out requirements for training providers offering trainee bell diving supervisor courses as a step towards IMCA Bell Diving Supervisor certification, as set out in IMCA D 013.

Revision History

  • June 2023 – Minor revisions to Section 10 tables – Rev. 0.1
  • December 2022 – Initial publication
  • Introduction
  • Purpose of Course
  • Course Approval
  • Course Format
  • Admission Requirements for Trainees
  • Learning Objectives
  • Facilities and Student Materials
  • Course Instructors
  • Trainee Assessment and Certification
  • Evidence Portfolio
Reference(s): IMCA D072
Published:June 2023

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