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Common industry technical specification for USBL positioning systems

Published on 17 March 2020

The IOGP Geomatics Committee has released Report 624-01 – Common Industry Technical Specification for the Calibration and Verification of Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) Positioning Systems.

This has been produced by survey professionals from both IOGP Members and IMCA Members, in consultation with equipment manufacturers. Close collaboration between IOGP and IMCA has been absolutely central to the development of the document.

Operational standardisation and simplification has been identified as a major opportunity for reducing inefficiency, complexity, and excess costs. The USBL acoustic positioning system is a component of an integrated positioning system and its overall performance relies on accurate, calibrated, and reliable sensors. Agreement between client and contractor that USBL systems can often be simply and quickly verified as fit for purpose, reduces the need for regular lengthy recalibrations.

The Report provides a global common industry technical specification accepted by both Operators and Contractors for the calibration and verification of USBL acoustic positioning systems. It is intended to be included by Operators as a specification in tenders and contracts for offshore surveys (e.g., seabed surveys, survey inspection, or construction survey support). It is available to download from the IOGP Bookstore.

Thanks are due to the Offshore Survey Division Management Committee (OSMC) for their significant contribution in the development of this document.

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Nicholas Hough
Technical Adviser – HSSE and Offshore Survey

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