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Diving Supervisor CPD requirements for 2021

Published on 3 November 2020

IMCA is committed to improving the safety of all offshore operations and the Association recognises that diving supervisors hold safety-critical positions within our industry.

In 2018, we began developing plans for a user-friendly app that would provide IMCA certified diving supervisors with a suitable platform to meet their continuing professional development (CPD) needs and so maintain the currency of their qualifications. In formulating our plans, we have consulted and communicated with a wide range of offshore diving industry stakeholders.

Our ambition has been to make a step change in the quality of CPD for diving supervisors that will enhance diving safety and efficiency offshore.

IMCA Contact

Bryan McGlinchy
Diving Manager

We developed the 2018 concepts into a working model in 2019 and in Q4 2019 we ran a beta version trial with a group of diving supervisors working for our Board Member companies. The trial was highly successful, with very positive feedback, and subsequently we launched the CPD app to industry for worldwide use in early April 2020. The uptake has been extremely encouraging and feedback indicates the app has been welcomed by all corners of industry. We are therefore ready to move to the next stage which will make CPD mandatory for all IMCA diving supervisors.

From Q1 2021, all diving supervisors (air diving supervisors and bell diving supervisors) who wish to maintain the validity of their IMCA Diving Supervisor certificates will need to undertake appropriate CPD and satisfy IMCA that this has been done. The IMCA CPD app provides a platform to facilitate this. To cover running costs, there will be a nominal £100 annual fee per person for this programme.

In order to be considered in-date and active, diving supervisors who register for the CPD app in Q1 2021 will be required, if they have not done so already, to complete the four knowledge units that were released during the previous year when the scheme was voluntary. In Q1 2021 and in each quarter thereafter, a fresh knowledge unit will be published within the app. Supervisors registered on the CPD app will then be required to review the contents of each new knowledge unit and complete the relevant self-assessment questions as required before the end of the quarter. Those who fail to keep up to date in the manner required by the scheme will invalidate their diving supervisor certificates. A verification system will be provided for diving contractors and client companies to use.

Supervisors who initially miss the boat can register to join the CPD app programme at any subsequent time. Once these newly registered supervisors have engaged with the programme in the manner required by IMCA, their certificates will be considered in-date and active. Starting in 2021, we will progressively replace all in-date and active certificates with new certification cards.

IMCA will consider evidence of appropriate CPD that has not been undertaken using the IMCA CPD app, but this CPD record must be certified as true by an appropriate independent third-party provider. Self-certified CPD records will not be accepted.

We encourage all diving supervisors to register for the IMCA diving supervisor CPD app on IMCA’s website and start using it before participation in a suitable CPD programme becomes mandatory in early 2021. This is an exciting programme of change for our industry specifically designed to improve safety and operational efficiency. Further details on the scheme rules together with FAQs etc., will be issued in the coming months.