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Five reasons to use the IMCA Key DP Personnel CPD App

Published on 20 July 2023

New rules by the Nautical Institute mean that from 1 January 2024 all Dynamic Positioning Operators (DPOs) will need to demonstrate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for the length of their careers.

For this they will need to provide evidence of engagement with a DP CPD programme and take an NI online exam when they are due for revalidation, alongside completing 150 days’ sea time.

IMCA’s Key DP Personnel CPD App is the easiest way for DPOs to meet these new requirements. Designed following direct input from the industry via IMCA’s DP Committee by our team of technical and competence experts, it was the first to be fully accredited by the Nautical Institute (NI). It has been created with the end user – the DPO – firmly in mind.

So, why should you choose the IMCA Key DP Personnel CPD App?

IMCA Contact

Richard Purser
Technical Adviser – Marine

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1.The IMCA guarantee

The extensive technical resources which we have developed over three decades, and across all areas of the industry, provide the benchmark for safe offshore operations.

The development of CPD is the next logical step in this process, and you can be sure that the units developed in the IMCA Key DP Personnel CPD App meet our rigorous standards and industry best practice.

2. Everything you need in one place

Alongside our CPD units and content, it also provides access to IMCA’s extensive library of DP-related Guidance, as well as our database of DP Event Bulletins – featuring real-life examples and case studies.

This enables users to learn from genuine incidents and how they were handled, supporting the easy-to-digest and engaging experience-based learning.

3. It’s convenient…

Available 24/7, it’s a flexible alternative to lengthy offshore training sessions linking directly to users’ profiles on the NI’s Alexis platform ensuring instant proof of your CPD at the touch of a button.

The IMCA Key DP Personnel CPD App has been designed to work offline with downloadable units which can be completed even without an internet connection. All relevant guidance is also available within the App.

Available on Android and Apple devices, it works on both phones and tablets, and it can also be accessed via a laptop or desktop computer.

4. And cost-effective

The IMCA Key Personnel CPD App can be accessed at times convenient to the user, eliminating the need to attend onshore courses.

Unlike an onshore course, there are no travel or accommodation costs involved, and no need to take time off for attendance.

5. It provides you with peace of mind

IMCA produces two modules a year, so over the next five-year period, DP operators using the App will have completed ten modules as part of their professional requirements to demonstrate CPD.

In a rapidly changing industry, and with the scheme structured in this way, users can rest assured the content is
always up-to-date and follows the latest best practice.

Richard Purser is Technical Adviser – Marine at IMCA. Find out more about the the Key DP Personnel CPD App.