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IMCA adopts roadmap for environmental sustainability

Published on 3 November 2020

IMCA’s Board approved our strategic direction on environmental sustainability last month and also agreed to elevate the Environmental Sustainability Committee to a core committee. The strategy has four key aims:

  • Shifting the needle in environmental performance and the low carbon transition;
  • Supporting the membership on environmental performance and meeting the Paris Agreement;
  • Being recognised by Members as a neutral, trusted partner and technical authority; and
  • Serving as a standard setter for environmental sustainability in the offshore marine contracting industry.

The Roadmap adopts a four-phased approach: In the first phase, we identify the material environmental issues facing the industry and highlight our Members’ approaches to addressing these. We then look at how Members are reporting their progress, considering globally-accepted standards for doing so. We also recognise that ensuring environmental sustainability in the offshore industry requires a collaborative approach so we will look to collaborate with others to achieve shared outcomes. In the final phase, we will publish a Code of Practice on Environmental Sustainability, outlining what is expected of IMCA Members and how our industry should behave in this area to contribute to a sustainable future.

In addition to the ESC, there will be opportunities for wider involvement in developing of the Code of Practice on Environmental Sustainability as we invite participation from members through the establishment of a time-bound workgroup.

Additionally, IMCA is keen to identify those Members working on environmental sustainability and the energy transition, recognising that our contacts have previously come from health and safety but environmental sustainability is often more cross-cutting across the business. This will also provide an opportunity for us to share targeted environmental sustainability information with you and ultimately for members working in this area to connect with one another as part of a focused professional network. Please contact us.