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IMCA adopts use of iAuditor

Published on 18 June 2020

IMCA recently began using the iAuditor inspection application to conduct audits of training establishments providing IMCA approved Diver Medic, Diving Supervisor and Life Support Technician courses. Ali Macleod, IMCA Technical Adviser – Diving, provides more details.

Ali Macleod, IMCA Technical Adviser – Diving, shares his experience of iAuditor:

“I found iAuditor to be the perfect tool for carrying out audits of our training providers. Once the audit criteria has been uploaded, you can choose between a number of outcomes which generates an action list at the end of the audit. The action list can be shared from your tablet at the close out meeting, meaning that less time is spent preparing notes and ensures nothing is missed, which is essential during an audit. The action list can be downloaded at a later stage and included in the final audit report. Once the actions have been addressed, it’s simply a case of opening up the inspection report on your computer and updating any failed items.”

The iAuditor software generates an inspection score as the audit progresses which allows the auditor and the auditee to see real time progress of the audit and if an internet connection is available, live progress can be followed back at IMCA’s headquarters.

Ali tells us:

“Recently we used iAuditor to conduct an audit of an overseas training provider. The audit scope included the school’s Safety Management Systems, equipment, operating procedures and personnel. Of particular value during this audit was the ability to include photographs at each step, which proved very useful during the closing meeting and in the production of the final audit report. As this audit was conducted at two sites, spread over a large area, the need to carry vast amounts of paper was negated by having everything on one tablet. I am happy to report we now have a tried and tested electronic audit process in place for IMCA Training Supplier Members.”

IMCA Contact

Ali Macleod
Technical Adviser – Diving

The perfect tool for carrying out audits of our training providers

The iAuditor application will also be used to conduct periodic and with-cause Diving Safety Management System (DSMS) audits of IMCA diving contractor members. We think that that the use of the iAuditor tool will improve the consistency of IMCA audits and audit reports. It should also facilitate interesting and useful comparisons between Member companies operating in different regions of the world.