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Resilience Reboot

Published on 3 November 2020

In 2018, leading IMCA members came together to develop the Resilience Awareness Programme.  This was a tailored programme of six videos and accompanying guidance, designed to be used by groups of employees within the marine contracting industry, 

The aim is to help promote discussion and share thoughts, in order to become more resilient. A key attribute of a successful person or a successful organisation is the ability to cope with challenging issues and to bounce back. Lack of resilience poses an operational and safety risk to our business. 

This programme has been developed (originally by Shell) to help the entire workforce focus on developing resilience – mental toughness – in managing these challenges and maintaining focus in the workplace.

IMCA Contact

Nicholas Hough
Technical Adviser – HSSE and Offshore Survey

But now of course, things have changed again. The last six months have been more difficult still with the COVID-19 pandemic changing everything.  The impact of COVID-19 at a human level has created considerable stress and anxiety, for obvious reasons. Crews are working longer trips offshore; crew changes are delayed or cancelled. People are held in quarantine and isolation far from their families. Concern for the welfare of our loved ones at home will be paramount in our minds.

We thought it appropriate at this time to again draw the attention of our members and their workforces to this excellent and inspirational material.  Resilience is about working through difficult experiences and having the ability to bounce back quickly. Resilience is learning from the way we cope with a difficult or stressful situation and making good use of that learning experience in the future. These are difficult and stressful times for many people.

Developing and hardening our mental resilience through awareness training can help us manage stress and make clearer, better-quality decisions in stressful situations. We can also bounce back and respond more quickly when things go wrong.

The Resilience Awareness Programme of six video modules explains the main concepts of resilience and proposes some useful tips on how we can develop and improve this capability for use at work and at home.