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Safer DP Annual Trials as IMCA reviews M 190 and M 191 following industry collaboration

Published on 1 August 2023

We have updated our Code of Practice for Developing and Conducting DP Annual Trials Programmes and the Code of Practice for DP Annual Trials for Mobile Offshore Drilling Units.

The revisions were designed to strengthen industry practices and eliminate some of the less safe processes around Dynamic Positioning (DP) remote trials adopted gradually before the COVID-19 pandemic and inadvertently legitimised by it. The changes to IMCA M 190 and M 191 raise the standard of DP annual trials and enforce a more robust interpretation of IMCA guidelines.

The updates are written in clearer, more definite language to discourage misinterpretation when conducting remote trials and aim to guarantee that cumulative testing is performed only when specific provisions for appropriate supervision are in place.

IMCA Contact

Richard Purser
Technical Adviser – Marine

These provisions are outlined in section eight of IMCA M 190 and include ensuring that class approved digital data acquisition applications are in place which link to the DP control system. This means that relevant data is recorded during each test and can be played back and fully assessed by an independent expert verifier onshore.

Commenting on the release of the updated documents, Richard Purser, Technical Adviser – Marine, IMCA said: “The revisions to IMCA M 190 and M 191 provide a new standard for DP Trials and restore the ‘spirit’ of previous versions.

“We’ve worked on this substantial revision for over 12 months, have engaged extensively with our Members through IMCA’s DP Committee, as well as with attendees of our DP Conference in May. The new documents are the result of strong industry collaboration.

“Not only will they set a new standard for best practice in all areas for DP trials, they will also ensure that should they take place remotely, they take full advantage of innovations in technology and data capture.”

Registered users can login to download the Code of practice for developing and conducting DP annual trials programmes (M 190) and Code of practice for DP annual trials for mobile offshore drilling units (M 191).