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Safety statistics for IMCA contractor members

Published on 4 January 2023

The window for submitting IMCA Contractor Members Safety Statistics, is now open. Submissions are welcome from now until the beginning of April 2023.

We look forward to receiving safety statistics from you.  We believe it is the clear responsibility of all IMCA contractor members to submit safety statistics to IMCA. Any issues with reporting can be directed to Nick Hough at [email protected].

Please browse to You will need to log in using your IMCA login details.  If you have not already set up an account on our website then you will need to do that first. The system should automatically recognise your company email domain.  

If you experience any problems with account setup, contact [email protected].  For any technical problems with the data submission form contact [email protected] and we’ll do our best to respond.

IMCA Contact

Nicholas Hough
Consultant – Safety and Security

Once logged in, please click on “Submit Data”.  You will then be taken to an easy to use web-based form which will ask you for the following information:

  • Offshore and Total company hours worked
  • Fatalities 
  • Lost Time Injuries 
  • Recordable Injuries 
  • Safety Observations 

As in previous years, please categorise Lost Time Injuries (LTIs) according to the following:

  1. Falls from height
  2. Slips and trips
  3. Dropped/falling objects
  4. Muscle stress and repetitive movement
  5. Line of fire/caught between/struck against
  6. Stored energy release

“Other” or “No cause given” is not an option. 

Other useful information:

  • A name and contact details must be provided. 
  • All data collected data is held securely and confidentially in line with the same GDPR-compliant arrangements used for your membership details.  
  • HOURS: “Total” hours refers to your organisation’s TOTAL hours worked – not just onshore hours but total corporate hours. “Offshore” hours refers to your organisation’s offshore or vessel-based operations. “Offshore” hours must be less than “Total” hours.
  • Null or blank entries are permitted for numbers of fatalities, LTIS, TRIs, and safety observations – leaving the entry blank will force a zero to be entered into the database.
  • The data submitted needs to “add up” – For example the form will not allow you to submit more offshore hours than total hours, nor can you submit five LTIs and only four causes of LTIs. 
  • ALL data received will be checked before being added to the IMCA totals. Occasionally we may need to verify some elements of data and will contact the person who submitted the data. 

The window for submission of 2022 IMCA contractor member safety statistical data is now open and will close on Friday 31 March 2023

During Q1 when sufficient members have submitted data that we can calculate statistically meaningful figures, the data received will be published live at

Your own company data will be visible only to you and those with your company login details at

Any questions, please contact [email protected]