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Vaccination of French Sailors: Priority Access Granted

Published on 14 May 2021

Following numerous awareness-raising efforts by maritime professionals, the French government included, at the beginning of May, sailors in the public priority for vaccination.

This prioritization includes French sailors of the merchant navy and the great fishing, without any age limitation. They will now be able to contact a vaccination centre by checking the box reserved for health professionals.

Neptune’s Declaration “for the Well-being of Seafarers and Crew Relievers”: A New Indicator

As part of the Neptune Declaration, signed by more than 800 companies and organizations including Armateurs de France, the Global Maritime Forum stresses the need to work together to resolve the crew succession crisis. As a result, the organization created the Declaration’s Crew Change Indicator,which is based on data provided by key ship managers.

The first indicator was published in May, and will be monthly. It aims to obtain better information about the situation.

An international fund in support of sailors!

Leading charities and maritime actors have created the Seafarer International Relief Fund to support sailors and their families affected by the pandemic, both in India and in many other countries.