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Fuel Consumption data: Supporting our engagement at the IMO

Published on 31 May 2024

We are reminding Members that our fuel consumption data collection initiative is open for 2023 data.  

This supports IMCA’s work in assessing the most appropriate carbon intensity metric for the offshore sector and will allow us to engage the IMO and other bodies on the regulatory approach to reducing the sector’s GHG emissions. 

Margaret Fitzgerald, Head of Legal & Regulatory Affairs at IMCA said: “I’d like to thank vessel operator Members who have been supporting our fuel consumption data collection exercise over the past four years.” 

“We’d urge Members to continue this support by submitting their fuel consumption data for 2023. This data is vital in supporting our work on behalf of members to identify the most suitable Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) for the offshore sector as part of future international regulations on emissions reduction through the IMO.” 

More details on how to participate, and what the exercise entails, are available in recently published Information Note – 1676: Fuel consumption data collection for 2023

This year IMCA launched ProjectGHG which pulls together activity from IMCA on supporting our members to reduce vessel emissions. Participating in our fuel consumption programme is a tangible way Members can contribute.

IMCA Contact

Margaret Fitzgerald
Head of Legal & Regulatory Affairs


In 2019, IMCA’s Marine Policy & Regulatory Affairs (MPRA) Committee identified two possible carbon intensity indicators (CIIs) (Proxy A and Proxy B) for the offshore sector. These were proposed to the IMO as alternatives to the ‘transport work’ CII being applied to cargo and passenger ships. In response, IMO asked IMCA to collect robust data from its members to assess which, if either, of these proxies could provide a good basis for assessing the CII of the sector.  

IMCA is now entering the fifth year of its fuel consumption data collection exercise. All data received is used to support our engagement at the IMO for a pragmatic approach for the treatment of the offshore sector. Further information on this can be found at the dedicated page

Pilot exercise on activity  

Separately, IMCA is working with a third-party specialist company to assess whether the results of the proxies would look different and potentially produce a more accurate result if fuel consumption was assessed based on the operational modes of the vessel. IMCA’s Board member companies are participating in this project, but other Members are welcome to join.  

Further details can be found in Information Note – 1676