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Approved Diving System Inspector scheme progresses

Published on 14 September 2023

IMCA has published two new Guidance documents to support the forthcoming Accredited Diving System Inspector (ADSI) scheme.

Planned for release later in 2023, the scheme will become the industry-recognised professional accreditation for diving system inspectors. It also aims to improve the quality, professionalism and credibility of DESIGN diving system inspections – IMCA’s reference document for the equipment and set up required for safe diving operations.

This will provide assurance that diving systems that have undergone a DESIGN inspection by an ADSI are both safe and fit for purpose. The ADSI scheme will be open to a range of personnel including those either already acting as diving system inspectors or are in the process of gaining experience to become one.

IMCA Contact

Bill Chilton
Diving Manager

The two new Guidance documents published this week outline the requirements for training courses and accreditation for diving system inspectors.

Commenting on the Guidance publication, Bill Chilton, Technical Adviser – Diving , said: “Once in place the wider ADSI scheme will provide assurance that diving system inspectors who conduct DESIGN inspections for diving system operators and client companies are trained and accredited to a recognised industry standard. They will be able to better demonstrate competence and prepare to deliver consistently high-quality diving system inspection reports.”

The ADSI scheme will be opened to prospective candidates later in the year. For more details, please sign up for our dedicated updates.