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Geomatics in the Energy Transition

ONLINE EVENT – IOGP/bp/Shell 11th Geomatics Industry event

Delivering innovative and competitive solutions for oil and gas, and new energy business.

Call for papers – extended to 28 October

The Geomatics discipline plays a pivotal role in the Energy Transition to net zero, from site characterisation, data acquisition, engineering and construction, and asset integrity inputs; to the management and analysis of geospatial data for projects.

It encompasses situational awareness, opportunity screening, site selection and emergency preparedness and response. The value proposition for Geomatics has seldom been more compelling, with the economic climate and drive for change accelerating project timelines, demanding greater operational efficiency and increasing the need for geospatial data
and new technology. Technical capability, personnel competency and delivery workflows developed in support of oil and gas projects are easily adapted and applied to the new energy businesses. This allows the Geomatics discipline to meet different challenges and create new opportunities for existing professionals and new talent.

The 11th IOGP Geomatics Industry Day will be co-hosted by IOGP, bp and Shell. The focus of this year’s event will be the role that Geomatics plays in the Energy Transition through delivery of cost competitive and operational efficiency, management of HSSE risks and geospatial data solutions, as enablers for existing oil and gas and future energy business.

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7 December from 08:00 GMT
Ends 8 December (ends 17:00) GMT

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Call for papers

We invite you to submit abstracts (maximum 300 words) for short fifteen-minute technical talks –
with an additional five minutes for questions – related to our theme of ‘Geomatics in Energy Transition:
Delivering innovative and competitive solutions for oil and gas, and new energy business’.
Please submit topics via the Online Form by Friday 28 October 2022.
For more information, please contact the Geomatics Committee Manager,
Lucyna Kryla-Straszewska, at [email protected]