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Examination Registration & Rules

Information to help you through the process

Here you will find some details which will help you to be prepared for taking your exam in advance of the date and also when you are at the invigilation centre.

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IMCA Accreditation & Certification Team

Before your exam

  1. You will receive your username and password for IMCA’s exam platform from TestReach ([email protected]) no later than 2 weeks prior to the exam.  Please check any junk or spam folders in case the message has been filtered.
  2. You must log in to the TestReach system and complete a tutorial on how to use the test system prior to the date of the exam.  The first time you log in, you will be asked to change your password.  It is important that the tutorial is undertaken to ensure familiarisation of the system prior to the exam date.  IMCA cannot guarantee support for login and password queries on the day of the exam.
  3. You must take the username and password with you to the exam in order to log into the system.
  4. You must take photo identification for confirmation by the exam centre.
  5. Candidates who report late for an exam may be refused entry.  Candidates are therefore recommended to arrive around 30 minutes before their exam time.
  6. Candidates will not be allowed to take any materials to their seats.  Bags and personal belongings, including mobile phones (which must be switched off) and other electronic aids that could be used for communication or photography, must be placed in the designated place at the exam venue. 
  7. Permitted items are restricted to water.
  8. Pen/pencil and scrap paper will be provided by the exam centre.
  9. There is a calculator built into the exam platform however, a hand-held calculator with a square root function will be provided by the exam centre.  There is no requirement for a scientific calculator.
  10. Invigilators will ensure that candidates have the correct web address to log into the TestReach system.
  11. Any cancellations must be made no later than 5 days prior to the exam date.  Failure to do so will result in a fee to reschedule your exam registration.
  12. If you do not attend the exam for whatever reason without informing IMCA, you will be charged a fee to reschedule your exam registration.
  13. Please note that the exams will be a challenge to anyone who does not prepare adequately. 

During the exam

  1. All unnecessary conversation and any other noise that disturbs the candidates must be avoided.
  2. Any conversation about exam questions and exam subject is not permitted.  If you have a query regarding the exam, please make a note and pass it to the invigilator at the end of the exam.
  3. Candidates must not, under any circumstances, communicate with each other or with other external parties.  This also applies to toilet visits.
  4. If there is a fire alarm, candidates and invigilators must immediately leave the exam room and follow further instructions from the Exam Centre.  IMCA should be advised if such an event occurs.

At the end of the exam

  1. The TestReach exam screen has a timer – a countdown clock advising candidates of the time remaining.  Many candidates will not require the full time given.  Once the exam is complete, it is submitted by clicking a button on the top right-hand corner of the screen.  This automatically closes the exam and communicates the result to IMCA.
  2. Permitted material (pen/pencil, scrap paper) should be given to the invigilator and candidates should leave the room in a quiet and orderly way so as not to disturb fellow candidates.  Note that there are always different exams running and these vary in duration.
  3. IMCA will be in contact within 2 weeks of the exam date advising of the outcome of the exam and the next steps.  Please do not contact IMCA asking for exam results before this time.

Secure your exam place

Contact our Certification Team above to provide us with your details, make payment and secure your place at one of the exam centres.