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Data requested Offshore only Rate Total company Rate
Total company hours - The number of hours worked by employees across the entire organisation, including overtime.
Offshore hours - The number of hours worked on vessels, barges, boats or any other offshore structures or installations, based on a 12-hour day.
The number of employees and others who died as a result of an incident. This excludes fatalities occurring as a result of illness or ill-health that occurred at the worksite, such as fatal heart disease.
The number of work-related injuries which caused the injured person to be absent from work for at least one normal shift after the event because of unfitness to perform any duties.
Total recordables = fatalities + lost time injuries + restricted workday cases + medical treatment cases
The number of recorded safety or hazard observations identifying unsafe behaviours, conditions or situations.
Further details    
For lost time injuries (LTIs) reported above, it is necessary to include a direct cause. The direct causes of all LTIs reported needs to fall into one of the six categories outlined below. “Other” or “No cause given” is not an option. Submission of data will not be possible unless all the LTIs recorded have causes attributed to them.
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Previous data

The latest IMCA rates are shown below, to help you compare your new data before submission:

Period Scope Offshore hours FAR LTIFR TRIR SOFR Total hours FAR LTIFR TRIR SOFR
2019 IMCA   2.24 0.33 1.11 339.00   4.26 0.53 1.69 456.00


The terms and rates used above are defined on our definitions page.

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